Our Story


Awakening Global ministry was in the incubator 5years birthed by intercession. How we got started?

Awakening Global ministry started back 6 years ago from home fellowship, teleconference prayer meetings of 7 intercessors then called “take it by force”. We were led to zoom 2020 March during the pandemic praying as lntercessors,Then April 24, 2020 our mommy experienced a visitation and mandate to evangelical mission.

More intercessors and ministers have joined since we answered the call for soul winning, which is a passion and hunger for harvest of souls.. We have seen a global increase of fans and partners spiritually and numerically since then. Testimonies of God’s healing, deliverance and other tangible manifestations of God’s power and in our mist..
God has increased our territories to partnership in Nigeria; Lagos (head quarter), Port Harcourt; 3 branches, Bayelsa, Abuja, Edo, Benue, Ogun state, lndia, and USA .
You can add to it as you are led .

Our mission is to take the gospel to the four corners of the earth to preach the gospel and to save souls that are perishing, to deliver the oppressed and to set the captives free.